January 3rd, 2008


Assorted FFXI fruits and nuts (FFXI)

Now with 100% less fruits and nuts!

Yesterday was an interesting experience. I helped two LS "new" people (level 50+) get pieces of their first AF set. The fights and tasks were easy (no keys/coffers needed, just other random fights and drops), but the challenge came from me having no sense of direction. Poor people having to follow me through Castle Oz! (We had to find that pool in the basement where the PLD has to fish up the pug, and that was after I had to find the ??? in CN to fight the bug to get the bait!) I don't mind fighting, I love helping, but gah! Me having to figure out directions is so hopeless. :P But they got their AF bits and I did almost no campaigning, so yay!

Fast forward to today. I came home for lunch and saw Mamool were advancing, level 8++. Hmmm. Since I've been so bored with Campaign and used to love Besieged, I thought about giving it a try. I looked at /bmap again and they were attacking. Must be a sign! No need to wait for the attack! So I paid my 300g and teleported over!

Oh. My. God. Besieged was actually worse than I remembered. First off, you're stuck there an hour. I was bored 20 minutes in, but if I left I'd get nothing. Then I recalled that, unlike Campaign, if you're dead at the end you get nothing. c.c And man, after "reasonable" mobs in Campaign, the Besieged mobs sucked major ass. Mistakenly I tried to tank a non-NM. Ha... ha... ha... Yeah, didn't work at all. We had only four items total, too. Plus it started with 100 people in the zone and ended with 220, so it had that "unclaimed mobs everywhere, no safe places to rest" thing going on. An entire hour of being bored and worrying about being dead at the end, and what'd I get? 1,500 XP. ...yay...

Perhaps that resparked my Campaign bug, because I did that all night tonight. Horrible Jugner even. I really, really, really wish the other zones would give the XP that Jugner does because I'd love to Campaign elsewhere. (Why do zones of "equal" level -- Meri Mountains and Pashhow Marshlands -- not have the same number of attacks? That has to be broken.) Jugner has too many PCs and is way too laggy, but the XP is so good. I'm so very sick of orcs though. But I made nearly 10K in a couple hours! (I ranked up past stars, which helps reward a lot. Emblems or whatever it is.)

Next week game life will get back to normal, which means I won't have to Campaign so much. Monday is Eco/Escort, Tuesday is XP static, Thursday is Assault static. Three nights filled! And, perhaps, I might work on Chaser's subcrafts this weekend. I hate to even think about it, but I want a couple high level gold items for my moghouse, but they have wood/cloth and wood/smithing subs. :/ So tired of crafting, but...
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