January 6th, 2008

FFXI COR drawing

Merits, HNM LSs, and no screenshots! (FFXI)

It feels like a while since I posted screenshots, but I checked my folder and it has nothing of interest in it. I guess that makes sense since I've been doing not much of interest lately.

I spent the weekend Campaigning... and of course got bored of it again. But I got merit #9 before doing so, so upgraded STR again. Upgrade #4, just one left to go.

I made a few more Cerberus Mantles for PlusOne people. 11 total, I think. All NQs, none failed (whew!). Good money, nice and thankful people. Nice and thankful people who keep asking me to join their LS. :/ TC (and yes, it's so odd to talk to a guy named TC -- that's me!) sold the LS hard to me this morning, so I told him I'd think about it (usually I just outright say no). And I did think about it. I've been really bored lately, so maybe doing new stuff would be a good change? I poked around their website and read most everything there, but in the end I decided it's really not for me.

One of the larger problems (or bonuses, depending on how you look at it) would be they'd want me to finish getting Sea. They have a small group of other people needing it, and he said I could do it with them, but man... even if my hand was held through it (which I don't want) I hate CoP and want nothing to do with it. Plus if we beat CoP then I'd have to go to Sea and I'd probably be eaten by a goldfish or something really embarrassing like that.

Amusingly, when I was new to FFXI and just leveling leather and heard about HNM LSs for the first time, I had hoped to become a "pet crafter" to one -- not a real member who had to go do stuff, but the person who did all the crafting work for them. That's what I have now, and I find I'm pretty satisfied with the arrangement.

Can't wait for next week and on-game life to go back to usual. No more Campaign all day every day! Eco, Escort, XPing, Assaults!

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