January 8th, 2008

Riceball sex

RL update: Good and bad!

Bad first, because it's boring and less interesting. For some unknown reason, I couldn't sleep last night. Hours up awake and stressing, heart racing, literally over nothing. How can you stress over nothing? I went through it in my head 'Is it work? No. Is it FFXI? No. Personal? No. Health? No. Apartment is all locked and closed. Cat is alive and asleep next to me.' How could I be stressed and worrying about nothing! It was amazingly odd and made no sense.

The good part! It amazes me! For no reasons at all, I've started eating vegetables. Keep in mind I've spent my entire life not eating them. When I was a little kid my parents tried to make me, but I would out-stubborn them and sit at the table with the plate in front of me for hours not eating them and finally they just gave up. Eventually they stopped even putting them on my plate, so I've just never eaten them.

Lately (last week or two) I've thought about going back to eating meat again. (Yes, I'm a vegetarian who doesn't eat vegetables-- and would you believe I'm not the only one?) I don't want to eat meat, the thought of putting it in my mouth makes me gag, but I'm sick of my diet. Basically all I eat is some form of cheese-on-bread. Pizza, grilled cheese, cheese sandwiches. Sometimes I eat pasta, but that's just cheese-on-carb as well. So over the weekend I was eating a meal with peas. Usually I'd just leave them and eat everything else, but then I thought 'meh, whatever' and tried some. First time eating a pea in decades. And know what? I didn't fall over dead, I didn't gag, I didn't throw up. I didn't like them much, but I ate about half of them before stopping.

Today I went to In&Out for lunch (a fast food place, for those not near one). Usually I get grilled cheese, spread and pickle only (so no lettuce and no tomato). Today I just had them make a normal one. Know what? It was amazingly good! I've always said I hated tomatoes (though I'm not sure I ever actually ate one), but I loved that sandwich! I can't wait to get it again!

Even more amazingly, I can't wait to try more vegetables. Think of the sandwiches I could have! No more boring cheese-on-bread! I'm going to see if I can make it to the farmer's market on Sunday and find some interesting things to try.