January 9th, 2008

Super Ninjas! (Naruto)


I scoffed when this video was described as "The Strangest Internet Video Ever!". I've seen strange, believe me. Then I clicked the link and watched. Perhaps the description is fitting after all...

The Strangest Internet Video Ever?

It's really, really slow to load. Click it then leave it in the background until it's totally finished so that you can experience it all in one go. Somewhere around the 40-60 second mark things get really, really extra strange.

It's not freaky or bloody or disturbing, it's just... strange. Totally work safe. (Edit: Watching it again, there is a bit of animated blood, but it's not realistic at all.)

I think this video is the closest thing I'll ever get to a drug trip.
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Pancakes - catbutter!

Veggie of the day: Cucumber!

Thumbs down on cucumber, but it doesn't count.

For dinner I had what I'm going to call a salad sandwich -- bread, lettuce, tomato, mustard (would have had ketchup as well, but the sandwich shop didn't have any o.O ), and my new veggie to try: cucumber. Sadly the sandwich really, really sucked. Even the tomatoes (which I had liked a couple days ago!) and lettuce (iceberg, thus mostly harmless) weren't good. The tomato tasted like "off water" -- no good flavor at all.

Inspecting the sandwich closer, I saw the lettuce had brown edges. Blech. So I'm not going to count tonight's trying of them, or count a 'yuck tomato!' towards my final opinion. I think the shop's quality was just low.

I wish it was summertime so more stuff would be in season to try.