January 11th, 2008


FFXI: AltanaCubby

Not much has been happening in game for me lately. COR is about to hit 65, by the end of this weekend I'll be done with merits, just mostly spinning my wheels. Nothing much to write about, except the most handiest FFXI ... plug in? tool? ever!

Altana Cubby (English site), from the makers of Altana Viewer! It's old, but I had always avoided it because I wasn't sure if it was totally safe. Turns out it is (my worries were based on not knowing how certain things worked), so I downloaded it.

Oh. My. God. Best tool ever! No matter if you're offline or online you can check the inventory, safe, storage, and locker of every mule you have! No more needing to mule around to see what you have or muling to the wrong place to get something!

Look at this screenshot of how easy it is to use: Part of the storage on one of my mules. (Don't ask why she has a couple pieces of lumber, she shouldn't. Need to move those elsewhere.)

There's no effort to install it at all. Unzip it, click on the .exe, and that's it! I love it to pieces.

One small note: When I used it for the first time, it tried to make contact with the website (my firewall caught it), it just checks for updates, so you can safely say no. I gave it no access to the net at all and it works fine.
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