January 13th, 2008



RL: Surprise, surprise, I made it to the farmer's market today. I left without anything new (boo) but the pickings had been a little slim what with it being the middle of winter and all. The few options I saw were beets (buh, no clue what I'd do with one of those), brussel sprouts (um, think I'll wait on them a while...), and figs (not a veggie, but I never had one). My bag was getting kind of full and I didn't feel like researching figs, so I skipped on them.

I did get some beautiful looking (and good tasting -- it still surprises me to say that) tomatoes, some ... um... some kind of lettuce... lettuce hearts, something odd like that, and a couple of english cukes. I should have gotten only one, I have no idea why I bought two. Yummy yummy apples were available (fuji and pink ladies! My two favorites!). And oddly I got eggs there. Non-supermarket eggs scare me a whole lot (please don't let there be any baby chickens in these!), but I have this vague idea of making fried rice and I have no eggs (or anything else to put in it, other than rice...).

So for lunch I had another salad sandwich (on fresh bread from there). It was pretty good, but a slice of cheese would have made it better. I have no idea if I liked the cucumbers or not, I wasn't really able to taste them over the tomatoes. Maybe tomorrow I'll try the two suggested ideas: bread, mayo or butter, cukes.

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FFXI: Merits are done, woo! Got my last STR one on Saturday night. Unfortunately that left me with no reason to Campaign anymore, but I had another idea! What if I worked on RDM? RDM 64, last XPed two or so years ago. I thought I might not like it, but I gave it a try.

Shock and amazement, when not asked to cast refresh and haste for hours on end, it's actually not bad! RDM is 64, but it survives a million times better than DRK 75. (DRK I tend to die once or twice a battle, today on RDM I died twice in ten hours.) Unlike DRK, I can even keep going fine while weakened.

The only thing I really, really need is to hit 66 so I can get reraise from /WHM. I can't cope without RR. You die and you can only hope someone not only notices you dead but doesn't know how little reward you get for raising people. :/

Well, okay, the other thing I need for RDM is to hit 75 so I can run out to meet mobs before they get to the Jugner tower. It cripples your reward not to be able to run out and away from the damned NPCs. :(

I probably won't hit RDM 65 tonight but I'll be close, and since I started today at 64 without even a buffer, that's not bad.
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