January 22nd, 2008

Smiling Big Ham Burger

Life update, veggies, link, etc (RL mostly)

First off, a link rec: weepingcock is one of the most amusing comms around. They go out and read the worst of adult fanfics and then link and "review" them. They make me laugh out loud on a regular basis!

Over the weekend, I made fried rice. Wonder of wonders, it came out amazingly good! I have never, in my whole life, cooked something that came out good. At best I made things which were okay or passable, this was the first time I cooked something from scratch and it came out yummy. Since I knew I could make the "base" fried rice (nothing but rice and eggs in it), I expanded and bought lots of bags of frozen veggies so I could add various things to it. Last night I made it again, this time with a "stir fry" assortment of veggies. Alas, it was not as good. The rice wasn't cooked enough (guess I was short on water in the rice maker), so the center of each grain was a little hard. Blech. I didn't like any of the veggies (chief among them green beans and snow peas), but that could very well be because they were frozen and then I had to nuke them before adding them to the pan.

Unfortunately that was dinner last night and I forgot breakfast this morning. c.c I suck, because I actually bought yogurt for breakfast this week, all I had to do was grab one out of the fridge on the way out.

Other than that, I'm happily reading the second Raised By Wolves book. So much love for them being 500+ pages long! I can read for hours and hours and not finish in one sitting!

FFXI: Meh. RDM is flying along (69, halfway to 70), but I'm thinking about switching things around. If I clear my Retributor I can sell my Maneater (I know Maneater is better, but I only use axes on DRK a couple times a year -- no use holding on to a 500K weapon for that). If I campaign in Pashhow I can clear the axe on the crabs there. The XP would suck next to sitting in Jugner, but... I don't know.

I was looking at RDM merits (since 75 is close) and they're more meh than I remember. Why are Slow II and Dia III and such merit spells and not scrolls? c.c Whatever. At least meriting RDM should keep me busy for a while. Overall I'm just meh on it though. I feel like it's just busywork, which I guess it is.
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