January 24th, 2008

Sleepy Ken

A long post made short (RL)

The Human Calendar makes me happier than it should. I love checking it every day and looking at all the faces to spot new stuff. (How it works is you follow what they're looking at to find the day and date. I assume the month and year change as well, but I haven't been following it that long yet.)

This morning, while in the shower, I composed a long LJ post in my head about the history of "lol" and how AOL ruined the Internet and how people used to care about typing and stuff. (Imagine the net where using "lol" made you look bad! Identified you as being from AOL!) I can't find the energy to type it up though, and I'm too tired to focus on the negative.

Related to that, for a few days I've been wanting to post about "sammies". Quiznos is running an advertising campaign using that "word". Every single time I hear it, I have to stop myself from reaching for something to stab myself in the ears with. It's not a word! We're not two years old, people! We can pronounce "sandwich"! I hate "sammies" many million times more than "lol".

Bah. One paragraph of positive, two of negative. That's not how this was supposed to turn out! Oh well, you can request your money back at the door.
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