January 26th, 2008


FFXI: Update and screenshots

Been a while since I posted about FFXI, so here goes. Tons of screenshots ahead, but happenings first:

RDM hit 70, COR hit 66. RDM through campaning only (since 64), COR in static (with the last thousand or so XP in campaign -- ammo issues, needed 66 for steel bullets).

Working on clearing my Retributor. 300 WSs on those crabs behind the Pashhow Marshlands campaign area, 200 more to go. Took maybe five hours (over three days) of soloing so far. I had mistakenly thought it was 300 total points/WSs, and so thought I was done. Oops. Maybe tomorrow I'll knock off more of it.

Tomorrow we start our LS swift belt runs, so I've been working on fomor hate and stuff.

Only real fun I had was buying more stuff to play house with. c.c I swear I enjoy decorating my MH more than anything else in the game. I'm such a girl! I gave in and bought Alchemist's Tools and a Millionaire Desk. Spent too much money, but meh, whatever.

Heck, let's start the screenshots with that! Alchemist's Tools and a Millionaire Desk. Only problem is: what would IC Thistle do with a book and those tools? Luckily the answer fits with something else: I've been wanting to change his moogle for ages, but was having trouble deciding on what. Finally I came up with the right thing! He keeps ending up living with beastmen... She could be the one who uses the tools/book, I guess.

Related to my search for a new moogle: I wanted a lynx, so I went to the modelviewer to find it. Look how cool! A lynx with a collar and all sorts of gold stuff! So I used that dat, but this is how it looked in my MH: Buh? Why the change? I used the right dat and put it in the right place, then re-checked it in the model viewer. No clue why it looks different in the viewer than in game...

This looked really nice: Our chocobos match our AF! Now Dani and Des need to level RNG~

I died in an, um, interesting way atop Aven... Is it my fault elves die face up with their legs spread?!

I liked this shot (get it? ha ha): Excuse me while I use you for cover, Des...

Why will Sandy never, ever, ever lose Jugner campaign? Because we have NPCs who are as big as mountains and NPCs who can walk on fire. Top that, beastmen!

Ha ha ha, elves aren't the only ones with long ears~!

And yay! With the moogle's new height, I could finally get moggles!

Check out this good chocobo digging! TWO ori ores! Usually I get only one a month!

And one of the many reasons why I don't bother to raise random people in Campaign. I'll leave his name unblurred because he was an ass.

And lastly, two friends got married in-game today. Here's one of the screenshots, the rest will be posted on our LS's board (or you can check them by filename: MalDebWedding#.jpg where # is 1-6).
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