February 3rd, 2008


FFXI post time!

Stuff has been happening, but I haven't been posting about FFXI much. Hopefully RL will get less distracting and I'll get back to posting more about it.

Last weekend, this weekend, and at least next weekend my LS has been doing swift belt runs. I got mine today! Yay!

It's amusing how well my TH works, even when I'm not on THF/ or /THF (we joke that mine is the only working TH in the game). First six fights = one single belt dropped, then for each of the next four fights I did my usual warming up of my TH:

And we went 4/4 on belts. :D Four rubs, four belts! Ha! :D

Last big event lately was that I bought an enhancing sword for RDM. As expensive as they are, they should look better! :/ Since I'll be campaigning on RDM from here on out, it seemed like a good investment.

RDM is 73 (all through Campaign since 64), COR is 66. That's about it, I guess! This feels more like a HNM LS post than a me-post -- it's all about stuff I got! :P

Edit: Can anyone tell me what this means? Someone /telled me it out of the blue, then claimed MT.
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