February 12th, 2008

Tetsu points "Hey..." (PMK)

TV, pictures, FFXI (in that order!)

Darned Comcast and darned me. For a couple days a few of my channels have been messed up. Picture seriously broken up if not totally dark, and sound just as bad: for every 3 seconds of sound, 1-2 seconds are dropped. I kept hoping it would get better, but tonight it spread to about half my channels. >< So I called in and they did something to reset my box which would leave me without TV for an hour... right as American Idol started. Bah. The early eps are the only ones I like, so it's annoying that I'm missing it. (Hm, picture is back now, about 40 minutes early, but is still having the same issue. Bah.) I'm going to have to call back and have to get an appointment for a guy to come out here. Bah.

(Edit: Have to wait until Saturday for a guy to come out. Have I said 'bah' yet? No TV makes Thistle grumpy!

Edit more: I just lost CBS, too. No Big Brother for me either. Bah.)


Pictures! Is this not the cutest little critter ever? Yeah, I know it's photoshopped, but I still want one.

I'm having a hard time stopping looking at this one, something about the baby... c.c

And speaking of babies, can anyone explain these dolls? WTF? And don't be too distracted by the bottom ones to miss the one on top...


FFXI: Next time I say I'm doing something because it'll be a challenge, please hit me. WHM 38-75 through Campaign is amazingly annoying and boring. (The whole 'challenge' thing is how I got into goldsmithing, too...) WHM hit 42 tonight, but I may become braindead before I reach 45 (for the bump in reward), let alone 75. 8 bar spells, 15 songs, turn in tags on the 6 minute mark. If the NPCs are there I can toss in 30 protects and turn in tag on the 11 minute mark. Either way, I have one minute of downtime/resting for MP time, then I have to start all over. It's probably the most boring thing I've ever done in game, I almost think I'd rather party on WHM than this. :P I tried meleeing some, but on the rare chance that my swing connects, I do zero damage. zzzz Boring. Hopefully the increased reward at 45 will make this better.
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