February 13th, 2008

Sleepy Ken

Doodle for Google!

I'll be the first to admit, when I heard "doodle for Google" I thought of something totally different. Must be because I'm so tired. Heh.

Stupid me stayed up late last night, when I should have gone to bed early. (Three hours sleep total for the two nights before =/= should stay up late last night!) So very tired.

I hate to keep grumping about it, but Besieged really, really, really seriously sucks. (Last night was my third time doing it since Wings came out.) I'm making the same complaints others made pre-Wings; I don't know how I always used to defended against these arguments. The lag makes it basically un-playable -- I did five WSs total, and four were lost to "too far away" messages. After using my giant's drink (which brought me to over 2K HP) some mobs got me down to 55 HP before they even popped and I could see them. And the risk of being dead at the end and thus getting no reward? Unacceptable. Oh, and let's not mention the hours long wait for them to start advancing, then another 45 minutes for them to walk to the city, and that the attack lasts an hour. All for 1K XP.

At least that makes me more thankful for Campaign? :P Three strikes and you're out, Besieged!

On a vaguely-related note, SE finally released the video of them killing AV with a "normal" alliance setup. Except, you know, for the people two houring 8+ times in a 20 minute fight... without any Corsairs (not that even an army of CORs could reset two hours that much). So, yeah. "lol SE". (Edit: Ha ha ha, most/all the people killing him have relics.) (For non-FFXI MMO people: AV is the only mob that has never been killed (without using a cheat -- it was killed before that cheat was made bannable/fixed/whatever). Since it's never been killed, of course it's of great interest to people. SE claimed that even a normal group could kill it, so of course the elite folks who weren't even close to being able to kill it took exception to that. This video is supposed to be proof.)

/end random babbling. zzzzz
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