February 14th, 2008


Bacon salt and FFXI

When I heard about bacon salt, it sounded like the perfect thing: Sprinkle some on anything and make it taste like bacon! And it's vegetarian! In fact, it sounded too good to be true, so I didn't order any at first. I googled around and the majority of people said it did taste exactly like bacon, so I gave in and ordered two kinds (original and hickory). $10 for some salt? Blah, but if it worked...

Finally today my package arrived! I microwaved some popcorn and sprinkled on the original flavor and tried it. Blech. Bacon? It tasted like chemicals and nothing else. :( Supposedly you can put it in scrambled eggs and on fries and in mashed potato (and even on sandwiches!) so maybe microwaved popcorn wasn't the right thing. It's a stretch, but maybe some flavor in the popcorn didn't work with the bacon salt, but I'm not holding my breath. :/

I'm so disappointed. Bacon is the only meat I ever miss (and I miss it on a near-daily basis!). If this darned bacon salt worked it would have been the answer. Boo.


Disappointment continued on into FFXI. I've been holding onto sanity by my fingernails, working towards getting to WHM 45 so that I'd get 80% of Campaign reward instead of 40%. And I hit it tonight! YAY! But hmmm, my reward didn't change. Could the info have been wrong? I went back and reread.

"Level 45 and below earn 40% of total reward."

... *sob* So I actually needed to get to 46, not 45! 7K more XP to go, 200 XP at a time.

46, 46, 46, 46. I can hold on, I can get there! *sob* Really, I can!

Maybe I'll make a WHM icon between battles, it'll help keep me sane. :/

Edit: Quickie icon!
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