February 18th, 2008

FFXI COR drawing


The TV problem I mentioned last week turned out to be my cable box. They gave me a new one, and with it something called On Demand. That seems like a few shows that are available to watch after they're broadcast for the first time, along with collections of movies and such. If you have any of the premium stations (HBO, etc) you get a whole lot more from them.

Over the weekend I've watched Fast Food Nation (perhaps the most annoying so-called movie I've ever seen -- who didn't know fast food was bad? Who expected quality food? Who in the world didn't know that migrant workers are taken advantage of? Did we really have to see a man being pulled into a meat grinder?), re-watched Snakes on a Plane (meh, not worth rewatching IMHO). But most importantly, today I found that HBO was offering Oz! Oz! The best series ever! Men in prison, with nothing else to do other than to plot (and carry out) how to screw each other -- both literally and otherwise. It's like a soap opera with m/m sex! Heck, the whole series had only a handful of (minor) female characters. It's just too bad they're offering season 2 or 3, the first season was the best of them all. (And let's forget the last season ever existed...) Such a fun show, so much plotting by the characters.


FFXI: With my dropping out of XP static, COR could go to Campaign. This was handy for a number of reasons, including that OMG I can't take WHM anymore. COR will keep me busy a long, long time -- not only do I need to get it to 75, but it's my first job that I want all the merits for it! So it'll take me a long time to do that, too. (Plus I kinda stopped RDM before getting much merit-wise for it, so I'll be doing that as well.) I may probably might have to go back to WHM when that's all done, but I don't know. I actually had fun today, which I have never had on WHM in Campaign.


Halfway point to 75, I think? I'm about 10K into level, so I may or may not hit 68 tomorrow (if not it'll be close). I love my COR AF so much! I'm so happy to be able to wear it more than now and then! :D

I need a new COR icon though, my screenshot one isn't spiffy. I like this drawn one, but I'd like to have a screenshot one, too.

I meant to take a screenshot of it, but I'm over 600K AN! 609K, I think. I did take a screenshot of this though. What causes a buggy effect like this? That happens in my sky a lot, both with the new and old videocard. It's like a grid and each box has a dot in it.

As a last (and unexciting) note, I finally got my .dats in order. Fixed some that were changed by updates, and switched some old ones back to the originals (RSE and mithra hair model). A minor thing, but I had been wanting to get my .dats all straightened out for a while, so it's good I was able to make time for it.
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