February 19th, 2008

Kittens cannot fly

Werecats and mech-animals...and a little FFXI and RL!

Werecats are kind of hot. Mrrrowl! That's some nice photoshopping.

It's almost sad how cool this mech-deer thing is, because no matter how cool something is, would you want a dead animal as art? You can find more of her stuff here. It's amazing stuff, just... dead animals.

FFXI-wise, didn't hit COR 68 today. Campaigns sucked -- maybe a third of the usual attacks happened. @10K-ish. Logged off early to try to get my new COR icon made, but nothing was working so I gave up for now.

Meant to get to bed early tonight, since I'm not feeling so hot. I ate next to nothing today (yogurt this morning and pop tarts 12+ hours later), but stomach is still feeling icky just from that little bit of stuff. Hope I'm not getting the bug that's going around the country. :/
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