February 20th, 2008

Ha ha ha (laughing cat)

*falls over dead* (link)

If news broadcasts were more like this, I'd never ever watch anything else. That's so amazingly horrifying and funny! I'm not sure if I'd be stunned to see that from my local newscasters or if I'd fall out of my chair laughing.

Do the sprinkler!

I can't stop watching that, it's just too funny. :D
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As the icon says: FFXI/COR

*points* Finally got a COR icon. For some reason my model viewer is acting up and the figures are too dark (see how dark the eyes are? No details!), but I guess it's okay with the cloudy background. Anyway, I suppose it'll do. (Hope it doesn't look too different when I look at it at work tomorrow...)

Got COR 68 tonight, about 10K into level. (Campaigns were much better tonight, made about 20K total.) Assault static tomorrow night, so won't hit 69 but will get closer.

Short post, I guess. Mostly a GIP. Life's pretty boring right now.
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