February 22nd, 2008


I think I'm masochistic... (FFXI)

Would you believe I'm missing working on WHM? It was boring as heck and I hated it, but for some reason I want to go back working on it. c.c I think that it's because it was more of a challenge (sort of) -- Campaign on a melee job amounts to being given massive amounts XP on a silver platter.

Speaking of! COR hit 69 today, will hit 70 tomorrow unless I do non-Campaign stuff. 71 late Monday, probably.

I stayed up late making a crapton of bullets, hopefully enough to hold me to 75. I'm thinking of maybe putting off merits after I hit 75 and going back to work on WHM. c.c Either way, if Crawler's Nest (or EN?) is beastman held this coming week, I'll probably send WHM for melee campaigns there. (GC is beastman held this week, but it's pretty sucky for campaigns. A three minute run each way to get from the NPC to the fortification. Sucky sucky sucky.)

Still nothing exciting to report! Maybe one day soon something more interesting will happen.
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