February 24th, 2008

FFXI COR drawing

COR and headhunting (FFXI) | Oops, and RL link!

Apparently headhunting has been added into the game, since new NPCs keep showing up in Sandy_S. First we had that Dusk Raven guy, now the father from the RDM AF storyline is getting his emo all over town. He came to help out in Campaign, and his /say macros would make a lolDRK green with envy. Top quote is what he says in battle, bottom when you talk to him in town. His town quote is a rather rough sentence, too. He should drop "happen to", that'd make it read a bit smoother.

Oh, and his sword is pretty darned nice. Anyone know what it's called?

COR is @1,500 to 71. I got better XP than usual today. (A typical weekend day gets me 20K XP, today I got almost 30K.) At my usual rate (10K per weekday, 20K per weekend) I should hit 75 in about a week and a half. Feels like a long time, I'm kind of itching to be done with COR and move on to the next thing. (Story of my life...)

During one Campaign wave I had great fun shooting. Smart/realistic shooting! I was up on one of those tower things, shooting around the edge of the wall. I'd say it was a perfectly safe place to shoot from, other than that mobs can jump up walls at will. c.c


Edit: Oops, I forgot I had a picture to post! NWS but funny! I don't know what their award was for, but I'm guessing it had nothing to do with pants...
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