February 25th, 2008

FFXI COR drawing

Pondering armor... (FFXI)

I almost never post about armor, but there's a first time for everything! COR will hit 72 in a day or two, which means I can go and pick up my Pahluwan pieces... if I still want them.

When COR was in a static and each level took weeks to get through, things were different. Small increases in stats would be more noticeable and more important. Now, when I get through levels in a couple of days, I'm thinking my year-old plan needs to change. :/

There are two pieces up for debate, body and legs.

Corsair's Frac
DEF 42 HP +15, DEX +2, AGI +2
Racc +8
Pahluwan Khazagand
DEF: 42, HP +20, Acc +10
Racc +10
Critical hit+

Defense is the same, HP is close enough to the same, DEX isn't important. I wouldn't turn my nose up at the crit hit+.
Important things: +2 difference in racc, but AF has +2 agi which makes up some of the difference.

Akinji Salvars
DEF: 30, HP -12, racc +3
Ratt +4 Eva +4
Pahluwan Seraweels
DEF: 36, STR +3, Acc +4
Racc +4

A little difference in DEF, a difference in HP. Evasion is really nice, ratt is even nicer (I get so little ratt as a COR). ACC on the Seraweels would be nice but I really have too much acc now (likely going to switch my snipers out for str rings, which also covers the +str on the Seraweels).

Two other big parts of this:
1) I love my AF to pieces. I could (and should) switch out my AF hat for my o-hat (+acc and +eva in addition to the +racc), but I don't because I love my hat so much.
2) I'll be done with COR within two weeks. Once I hit 75, I likely won't do much on it and can store my AF (as much as it pains me to think about that!). The Pahluwan pieces are rare/ex -- I couldn't even mule them away.

So what should I do!

Dress the Thistle!

Corsair's Frac
Pahluwan Khazagand

Pants! Who needs 'em!

Akinji Salvars
Pahluwan Seraweels
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