February 28th, 2008

Kittens cannot fly

Google rocks and why humans have long hair... (RL)

First off, yay Google! As if we needed more proof that they rock: Google Gives All SF Homeless Free Voicemail. Free voicemail for life! Think how helpful that'll be to get people up onto their feet again.


Earlier this week I was sitting in yet another boring company meeting. As usual, my attention wandered. I noted that there was only one other blond person there (two blonds, one red head, one silver/grey, and a hundred or so black haired folks). It's not the first time I observed that, but this time I noticed I was one of the very few long haired people (three of us!). That got me thinking, where in the world did humans get long hair from? Why'd it evolve? Animals generally have uniform length fur, but a our head hair could grow forever. It doesn't seem like that's a good thing -- think how it'd get caught on bushes and get into the eyes of early hunters and such.

My first thought was that perhaps it was appearance. Maybe cave men (or whatever proto-human species first evolved long hair) liked the way long hair looked. I mostly dismissed that thought though, as I was projecting modern day values onto long-dead people.

With no Google at hand, I had to make more guesses on my own. In winter, I appreciate my long hair (it's surprisingly helpful in keeping me warm). Summertime is just the opposite, but there were periods of time where species of early man lived in all cool/cold areas...

Finally I had time to check online, and the 'keep warm' idea seems to be the most popular one. We lose a lot of heat out of our heads, so it'd make sense to have the most extra protection there.

Interesting stuff, I love evolution. :)

Edit: I'm so behind the times, wiki is never my first stop for these things. It makes interesting arguments for long hair being evolved for appearance (sexual attraction) or a sign of good health.
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FFXI COR drawing 2 names

10,000 BC & FFXI

Totally unrelated to my earlier post about evolution... anyone know anything about the 10,000 BC movie? It looks interesting (I love fictional stories about prehistoric people), but something about it keeps pinging 300-ish to me. Anyone know if it's supposed to be good or overly violent/unrealistic/racist/stupid?

I see very few movies in the theater, but if 10,000 BC is good I might have to go. The lead guy is hot (loooove his eyes), and what I assume is the leading lady is so totally cute! Good looking (not unrealistically beautiful) people and a story genre I like? I'm very tempted!


FFXI: Very tired of Campaign. I groan when the music starts and hope for it to be a short one. @10K to 73, which should be easily done tomorrow. I want to finish COR so I can, um, work on WHM in Campaign? c.c *coughs*

On Saturday I'm going to break my Coffinmaker. I have 5 stacks of plain bullets + some loose ones (hopefully enough to cover missed WSs). I hope the crabs in Pashhow_S are EP-- to 73. :/ If they're still DC I'll probably have to wait until the next weekend (after I'm 75).

I did 500 solo WSs over two days to clear my axe, but this time I'm hoping to do 500 all in one day for my gun. It should be do-able, I think (so long as I can get crabs, lots of times others take them all. c.c).

Miss Annoying Macro has expanded. She's gone from just this:

to this one as well:

I cleaned off my blacklist the other day, so I'm suddenly seeing all the most annoying people again...
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