March 1st, 2008


Very crabby day (FFXI)

9.5 hours.
532 bullets.
Countless crabs.
One cleared Coffinmaker! Yay!

Darned insane(ly boring) day though. Woke up, started killing crabs. Had breakfast while killing crabs. Had lunch while killing crabs. Had dinner while killing crabs... So very sick of them!

Unfortunately I couldn't stay behind the Campaign tower (too many people killing the three crabs there), so it was annoying instead of relaxing. Not bad enough that DC beastmen kept wandering by, the goblins kept planting mines around my camp. c.c Every pull was through aggro too, which was anything but relaxing.

Unfortunately I had one death. Sigil wore just as I pulled, but I said 'What the hey, it's not like it has a big effect anywhoa! Where'd my HP go?!" Down to 50%, down into dark orange, red... dead. Amazing, with Sigil they hit me maybe 10% of the time, without it it hit me 95% and much harder. I still came out ahead on XP in the end though, so hey.

So I'm happy it's done, but I'm never, ever, ever doing this again. Two 500 WS weapons cleared solo. No more! zzzz Coffinmaker is such a pretty gun though. :D Gold!
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