March 2nd, 2008


Arms race (FFXI, RL/books)

@10K to COR 74. It's sort of sad to think I'd be 74 today (with buffer) if I hadn't spent all day yesterday working on Coffinmaker, but it had to be done... sort of.

I used Coffenmaker all day today, but saw no difference at all. Looking at the stats, it's not surprising:

Shark Gun: DMG: 39, Delay: 582, Ranged Accuracy +5
Coffinmaker: DMG: 40, Delay: 600, Ranged Accuracy +9

I don't need racc, especially when I keep Hunter's Roll on me. It sure is a pretty gun though, which counts for a lot. Even if no one sees it because I blink so much while WSing. :P Unfortunately both guns are rare/ex, so I have two weapons which I'll never be able to mule off.

If I had thought about the stats, really seriously thought about them, I'm not sure I would have put almost 10 hours into breaking the Coffinmaker.

And, as you can see, I took a third route instead of the COR AF/Assault P-whatever body armor -- my HQ scorp harness, with the AF macroed in for WSs. Slug Shot gets me way too much hate, so I wanted the evasion more than anything else.


FFXI wasn't what I wanted to write about tonight, but I'm too restless and my brain isn't cooperating on what I do want to go into. I just finished A Strong and Sudden Thaw last night, and I'm restless because I'm supposed to be in bed reading right now, but the book (well, genre) I want isn't on my bookshelf and I don't want to read anything else.

I wanted to go into how thankful I am for small publishers, and that Amazon carries books no matter the size of the publisher, but I don't think I could convince anyone of anything tonight. So I'll just leave it that I'm really happy that small/independent publishers exist, because there are so many good books that would never be published if they had to be sold to "average" Americans.

I ordered a giant collection of books put out by non-major publishers, I just hope I can hold out until they arrive. Wanting to read something you don't have is just like a food craving -- an itch in the back of my head that never goes away.
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