March 10th, 2008


RL update, FFXI update

I finally did my taxes, and this is probably the latest I've ever submitted them. Turns out that was for a good reason! For the first time ever, I owe on both state and federal. $900 total owed, WTF? My job didn't change, I tossed some money from my savings account into a CD, but everything else is the same. Stupid taxes, grrr.

I have this week off as PTO (unrelated to other issues, I had this scheduled before the other stuff happened last week). Not feeling any less stressed or sleeping any better yet, but hopefully after today. (Today's busy, but things should quiet down as the week goes on. I hope.)


FFXI: Because I was so bored of Campaign, once COR 75 had a buffer I took a day off to do other stuff... and got bored. So I went back to Campaign. WHM 52 -> 56 so far. It's going surprisingly fast.

Every time I see a COR at Campaign, I go 'Eee, want to be that!', but I'm done with COR. :/ I can't even use it for meriting, since RDM makes a crapload more reward than COR. Makes me sad/envious every time I see a COR in AF though. :( It's annoying that my favorite job isn't the best one... though I guess I should be used to that by now...

Update today, and when I first started reading the info it looked like as much of a worthless update as the teaser info had been indicating (fellowship NPC changes? DNC/SCH crap? Pit updates? Chocobo racing updates?) , but there's a couple interesting things:

Characters below level 20 are no longer able to mine for items in the following areas:
Newton Movalpolos/Mount Zhayolm/Halvung/Gusgen Mines/Ifrit's Cauldron

FTW. Take that, gilsellers.

And in a move that makes no IC sense at all:
New armor set storing NPCs have been added to the following areas:
Southern San d'Oria [S]/Bastok Markets [S]/Windurst Waters [S]

So I can give an NPC my armor in current time, then go back in time 20 years and another NPC will be able to hand me the armor... WTF. I'm planning on doing WHM AF when I hit 75 (maybe), so since I'll be storing it then, can I go to the past and get it now? That'd save a lot of work, kthxbai

New spells: Recall-Jugner (WHM Lv.53), Recall-Pashh (WHM Lv.53), Recall-Meriph (WHM Lv.53). Can I get a 'Woo!', especially if they land you at the Campaign area? How perfect is it that I'm working on WHM now, and I'm just barely over those levels?

Absorb-ACC (DRK Lv.61) How about about fucking time? Day late and a dollar short...

WAR gets counter, because WAR needs more crap, right? 9.9 Repeat for SAM.

The DRG change looks really cool. Basically a reward for not letting your wyvern die? About time. I'm not even a DRG and their 2 hour bothered me a whole lot. "Hi, bestest friend! I'm in trouble so I'm going to EAT YOU! Hope you don't mind! Teehee!"

New COR dice. Not surprising, but wish they told us what they do.

Change in mannequin prices pisses me off to no end. I paid 1.5 million for all of my additional ones (twice! On two characters!!), now people will only have to pay a third of that price to get them all. ><

/dance emotes can take a flying leap. I hate DNC so much and now I'm going to have to see everyone flailing endlessly, not just damned DNCs. As much as I like Wings for Campaign, I'm so sorry DNC was ever introduced. And now butt-ugly AF too. Bah.

The Emperor Band has three charges? o.O Bet that's going to be a CP sink...

So a few good things. Hope the new dice and scrolls are vendor sold and not impossible to get.
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Grumbly, mumbly (FFXI mostly)

RL stuff has me muchly grumpy with the game everything right now, so this will be short.

Bought both new COR dice. 63K and 68K. >< Such a high price when they're not even good rolls. Bought the new DRK scroll, 44K :/

Tried to campaign, but my heart wasn't in it so I ran around and got the three teleport crystals instead. Sneaking/invisibling is one of my least favorite thing in the game, but my day was already so sucky I figured doing it couldn't make it any worse. I also S/I'ed to set foot into each of the new beastmen holds, but apparently you can't campaign-warp to them like you can the other places.

Tomorrow need to do the quests for the three new WHM teleport scrolls. Hopefully by then info will be around on how to do it.

Edit: Wow, the new NPCs in the chocobo racing area suck so much. Six lines of spam about how confusing the betting system is! I used to idle there to wait for my race, but I can't anymore. Grr.
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