March 11th, 2008


But I know no matter what the waitress brings, I shall drink it and always be full...

First off, this is the funniest animated gif I've seen in a long, long time: Hillary! I choose you! I snickered all the way through it.


In FFXI land, I spent the whole day running around. Hours of running around! I did the three new teleport/recall quests. Meh storylines for the most part (though I liked the EN one a little), mostly just excuses to make you run everywhere. I had one death because I totally forgot that the hippos were truesight. ><

I didn't do the BLM quest because my BLM will likely never be high enough to use the scroll and I was sick of running around through aggro.

Teamed up with a LS member to do the new Sandy "mission" fight against the MNK orc. Man, was that a bad area to fight -- I spent half the battle controlling the gnole aggro we had. There was just no safe place to fight. It sure was fun to use RDM in the "real world" (not campaign) though, hopefully I'll have a chance to use it again soon.

Meh reward on the Sandy mission (...yay... fishing rod...), but the CSs were so darned cute they made up for it. And I realized something! I think FFXI elves are like puppies and kittens! When they're young their eyes are really really blue:

But when they get older, they dull down in color:

(Father and son eyes.)

The elf kids are soooooo cute! Go ahead and pout, it will only make you cuter. (Text blurred so no spoilers.)

It's really nice to see the better animation we're getting now. We never would have seen animation like this in old CSs. (Blurred again.)

So got lots done, but I'm looking forward to a quieter day tomorrow.
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