March 12th, 2008

Chocolate dessert

Green beans aren't so bad... (RL)

Or at least aren't so bad when you can't really taste them.

I haven't yet written about the RL stuff that has been making me grumpy lately, but part of it is that I have to totally change my diet. No more one meal a day, now I have to eat a minimum of four meals (five would be better). Gah. And on top of that, half of each meal is supposed to be vegetables. And keep in mind that I don't like any vegetables. c.c Or at least I haven't eaten most of them in so long that I assume I don't like them...

So I'm back to trying as many new veggies as I can. (Blech.) Today I got some green beans (fresh, not frozen) . I made them by this recipe with a few minor changes. I own no vinegar, and since I assumed I had less than a pound of beans, I cut down on the oil and soy sauce. (Also, my soy sauce wasn't light, I have no idea what the difference between light and normal is.) Anyway, they weren't so bad. Mostly I just tasted yummy soy sauce (<3 salty things). Unfortunately I cooked them all at once (three servings, not sure how much weight-wise) and couldn't eat them all. Finished about half, which is better than I expected to do. Wish I had the other half for another meal though.

Oddly veggies seem to fill me up a lot. I'm not sure if it was a fluke or something green bean-related, but I ate them two hours ago and I'm still stuffed.

No new veggies for tomorrow, though I did have a salad today and have the makings for another tomorrow. Today's had apple in it, which worked oddly well. I also have some potatoes to make into oven fries, though potatoes aren't a new thing (nor a veggie, really).

I can't wait for summer to arrive so I have more veggies to try/pick from.