March 16th, 2008


"Jesus" is okay, but "porn" is not~ (RL)

I've not written about FFXI in ages, and I have RL stuff I'll one day post about but will continue to avoid for the moment, so what's that leave? All this 'LJ is evil' stuff!

As many folks know, LJ tried to secretly remove the option to make plain old basic accounts; your options now are either a paid account or a "basic plus" (account with ads). But there's more going on than that: LJ is "editing" the list of most popular LJ interests.

"Jesus"? Okay!
"God"? Alright!

Sex, porn, hardcore, yaoi, bondage, bisexuality? OMG no! We'll hear none of those words, thank you very much! None of our users have an interest in any of those bad, bad things!

Oddly also edited out of interests: Guys, girls, boys, depression, fanfiction (WTF?), pain, and... faeries!

I really don't get it. Is this more of the typical 'sticking your head in the sand' type thing? If we don't see the word 'sex' we won't have any? (Rocking argument for keeping sex ed out of schools, too!)

Very strange...
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