March 23rd, 2008

Startled brown catgirl

Quickie post! (RL)

I've not posted about FFXI in forever since nothing interesting is going on. WHM is 64, still only through Campaign. *yawn*

niffy mentioned this horrible amusing porntastic Japanese game: For the Nintendo DS, it's... Duel Love! The name is misleading though, as the whole point of the game is to towel off naked anime men. I'd call it NWS for the sound effects (nothing visual at all). It's the sounds that made me laugh out loud though. Boy, those men sure do enjoy being toweled off. o.O

Alas I don't own that game, and instead Professor Layton and the Curious Town is eating my brain. I don't usually play puzzle games, but this one is so cute! You can find a demo here.

And lastly, I have no idea what the story behind this picture is, but they're horrible and cute at the same time.

I spent part of the day having a nice lunch with tersa and her housemate/my other friend C. Mmm, all you can eat salad bar. Very very happily, they took all my Diet Coke off my hands! (I had had six cases left, but I can't drink it anymore and don't want to throw it out, but she was able to find a good home for it.)

<3 everyone!
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