April 3rd, 2008


Eee! New Vampirates! (link)

New comic up! Eeee! In one way, a page-every-few-days kind of works because I read slower and look at the artwork more, but in another way... Gimme More Now Now Now! :D

That comm, candycalavera, is set up for a couple comics' updates, but it seems like Vampirates is about 50% of the content, so for me it's well worth friending.

<3 Murphy! Eee!

*wiggles* Happy day!
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FFXI and RL stuff done

I believe the FL rankup quest is pre-300 movie? Still, that quote amused me muchly.

Longest. CS. Ever. The third game alone took me 45 minutes. Four CSs, each with an hour wait between them = not much else done tonight. Still: YAY First Lieutenant! I need nothing else from Assaults now! No AP or ranking points! (Shhh, Captain isn't a reasonable goal for me, I'm not even trying for that.)

Fishingbot's woodworking rose to 21, which was only 3 levels, but it was the last thing on my to-do list tonight.

However! That 'wait an hour' thing worked out well for RL. I'm starting to feel better (zero energy but almost zero pain, too!) so I got a whole lot done around my apartment. There's still stuff left to do, but I made a darned good dent in it tonight. :D

Next up, very important thing: Must go grocery shopping!

Oh yeah, and I have my first 'like' vegetable -- not one I'm just willing to eat, but one I actually liked. (Corn and potatoes don't count.) Red peppers! This was my second time eating them and second time liking them. I had thought that all peppers were gah horrible hot, but these were sweet. (Roasted, if that makes a difference.) I also tried green peppers, but didn't like them much, they were kind of bitter.

Edit: Just got to watch the last CS. *sniffle* ToAU is my favorite of all the expansion packs, hands down, nothing else is even close. So much heart and great story! Even Wings' basically free XP can't come close. :) I should do Besieged more, I sure do miss that city. :D
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