April 4th, 2008


How many people have fetishes capped? *raises hand* (FFXI)

Fishingbot (who needs an icon of his own) hit woodworking 36 (from 21) today. Bah, so slow. I was trying to avoid ammo/NIN tools, since we have no quiver/bundle NPC, but I had to make about 30 stacks total of those things. Boo. Come Sunday there darned well better be a first place nation on Midgar or I'm in trouble.

Today's last skillup synth was fairweather fetish. An odd little item, vendored when I was done, but cheap and easy on space. I realized that when I hit cap I was capped on fetishes, heehee.

I'm undecided about my next skillup synth. It'll either be fang arrows (three pre-synths, blech) or kawahori-ogi (two pre-synth, one needing $$$ fire crystals). Or maybe both. :/

I'll figure the next steps out tomorrow, when I'm less tired. zzzzz
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