April 5th, 2008


I'm pretty like a princess! (FFXI, RP, RL)

Now I'll be asked to the prom for sure! So pretty! Prettiest armor in the game is now mine~Yay noble's tunic! If only the rest of my outfit didn't clash so badly. RSE legs (lol), AF feet (only piece I have), and not much else. Add two earrings (BRD's MP+ earrings) and a dark staff and that's the whole of my WHM stuff! I might buy some pants just so I match better.

This morning I woke up and couldn't wrap my head around figuring out a woodworking skill synth. I sat and starred at the list for a good 20 minutes before muttering 'I don't want to do this'. I didn't want to go do Campaign either, but I wanted WHM to level up so that finally I'd stop getting aggro while doing H&C, so I went and did that.

Four hours of Campaign = 14K XP and level 68 WHM. Ran off to do H&C... things still conned as EP in the Jungle. ><

After H&C and digging, went to work on Fishingbot's woodworking. Only got to 43. I'm going sooooooo slowly, but my heart wasn't in it today so I didn't press it too hard.

The itch to find a new MUSH is poking at me again, but I can't even figure out a theme I want to play on, let alone pick some game, so I'm stuck where I always get stuck. Bah. RPing in my head isn't as much fun as RPing with others! :P I only know what I don't want, which really doesn't narrow it down much. Not in the mood for superhero-type stuff, which strikes Draque/Ai's. Don't really want to go back to FF MUX (sorry :/ ). I'm no help to myself!

I'm going to try hard to get my ass out the door tomorrow and go to the farmer's market. I want to go, but when Sunday morning rolls around I'm all 'But I don't wanna go out, whine whine!' even though I need fruits and veggies and stuff. Another example of me getting in my own way!
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