April 6th, 2008


Vampirates, links, RL, FFXI!

First off: EEEE! New Vampirates! Right here! Man, Murphy is just too cute! So grumpy, I want to ruffle his hair and snug him a whole lot. :D And even as many times as I've seen it, the little advertisement/teaser image still always grabs my attention:

That's how I found the comic to begin with: that image showed up on my random LJ image pages and I just had to click on it. :D

Second: There's this guy, otto_germain, who has a 'picture a day' sort of LJ, with a different theme each month. (I actually found him through the random image page, too...). This month is gun month, which isn't doing much for me, except today's picture is sooo pretty! I don't want to link to the image directly, but here's the post with it: Right here. I've never called a gun pretty before, but I love that one. Looks like something out of FFXI! I could totally see a Corsair using it. :D

Thirdly: I made it to the farmer's market! Froze my darned butt off, but I made it. Apparently they open at 9, and stupid me got there at 8, so I sat around freezing while waiting for 8:30 to hit so they'd start selling. (Apparently it's against the rules to sell before then...) Once 8:30 arrived a light rain started to fall, which didn't help much at all. Still, I left with my backpack and arms full of stuff!

Fourthly: In FFXI land, Fishingbot hit woodworking 50. He could have gotten further today, but new moon hit right as I needed to start a synth I was 9 levels below. c.c I tried for a bit, but it was a waste of materials so I stopped.
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