April 7th, 2008


Webcomic rec

When I first started reading Metanoia, I wasn't going to rec it. The story was great (when I went home for lunch, all I could think about was coming back to work so I could find out what happened next), but the art really annoyed me. "Traditional", American-style? Non-anime, whatever you call it. It just wasn't good. Something about the faces were always off. The lips? The eyes? Whatever it was, it made me wish the story was text-based instead of in comic form.

Somewhere in chapter four it all changed. Same artist, same style, but wow, 100% improvement in the art. (Enough so that now and then I stopped reading just to admire a page's art or layout.)

If you do check it out, don't give up if the prologue doesn't work for you. It's kind of odd that they included it, since the nature of it really doesn't reflect the rest of the story.

Four more chapters left to read! Yay! Metanoia isn't as good as Vampirates, but it's still a darned entertaining story. :D
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Now we're cooking with gas!

FFXI: Fishingbot hit woodworking 60, yay! Now new synths, finally! Also, sadly I spent his first 10K GP on the lumberjack key item. Unfortunately it's a must-have, even though I'd rather save for his gloves and apron.

RL: Arg! Stupid webcomics eating my brain! I want to know more about the world and storyline in Metanoia, but there are no new pages! Arg!

Sadly: The salad fixings (all sorts of greens) I bought at the farmer's market yesterday taste funny. Peppery! Blech! I don't think I'm going to finish the bag, because even with my favorite dressing it was blechy.
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