April 8th, 2008


Woodworking, AKA: Anyone need some ammo?

Woodworking 60-66. So. Much. Ammo. x.x Three more levels of demon arrows, then I think no more ammo for a while. (Which I'm sure I'll be sorry about once I dig out from under all these arrows!)

As easy as woodworking is to level, the guild turn ins seem to suck. Hello 165 wands for 1K GP!

I wanted to stab people today. Demon arrowhead history was all 30K, then the last three prices were 40K, 45K, and 50K. Damned idiots, you're going to nearly double the price of crap to skill? I'm so so so happy I have bonecrafter Kat, I had her synth them for me for about 20K. Still: *stabs stupid people*

I wish I had a clothcrafting mule; I'm overpaying on fletchings, but they're higher than 60 so I can't make them myself. :/

Tomorrow hopefully I can figure out my post-69 skill path. zzz Too tired tonight.
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