April 9th, 2008


Woodworking, interesting and otherwise, and farmer's market (FFXI, RL)

Woodworking, interesting: I watched a guy desynth angel's flutes today. To make them you need 1 rosewood lumber, 1 parchment. When you desynth them, the HQ3 is an angel stone. o.O I checked the wiki and it agrees. That's going to be something to check into once Fishingbot gets higher!

Woodworking, otherwise: Fishingbot only got to 69 tonight. Bah. The AH ran out of an item I needed and the vendor I needed for my alternate synth was gone (beastman owned). Thwarted! Annoyed! His skillups are going to slow way down now; I'm expecting 1 level per day won't even happen.

I ended up going to Besieged tonight, for the first time in months. It was actually almost fun! It ran too long, took way way too long to start, and not enough XP reward for the time it took, but it was semi-okay. (Plus I got 5 levels of marksmanship! That's what I went for.) Best of all, I got to play COR for the first time in ages! Eeee! I love seeing me in that AF. :D :D :D


RL: The farmer's market I go to isn't thrilling me. Last year and this one, whenever I get strawberries they're often moldy the first day I bring them home, and if I don't use them that same day they mold the second day. This Sunday I bought four lemons. Today, Wednesday, I went to cut them up, and two of them were covered with blue mold. WTF? Is this stuff fresh fruit or the leftovers? As far as I know, stuff shouldn't mold this fast. They sit on the counter, cool-ish kitchen, no sun hits them but they're not in a dark cabinet. Some things I put into the fridge, but generally not fruit (except strawberries). Fruit from the supermarket lasts longer than from the farmer's market. :/
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