April 14th, 2008

Evil Ken (Digimon)

I think I can, I think I can, I think I can... (RP, RL, FFXI)

I'm so excited! And nervous! A bunch of folks who staffed on the MUSH I used to run are all going to a new game together, and I have my app done! Well, written anyway, tomorrow I need to reread it and make sure it's okay.

It's cool that I'm getting to do the OC who has been rattling around in my head for weeks now. I hope he's going to be fun to play. :D Heck, I hope I can play! It's been so long since I last RPed, it's daunting to go back to it.

I wish they didn't just check apps once a week, I have a whooooole week to wait to hear back!

I hope I can make time to play, too. That might be the roughest part. I can be logged on from work, but in the evening at home? I have to see if MUSHclient has a trigger you can set up to play a sound file when someone pages you, so that maybe I can do both it and FFXI at the same time. (I think it does, I need to poke around the help files to find out how.)


RL kicked my ass six ways to Sunday today. I went in for an oil change, so I didn't bring a book because it would take, what, 15? 20? minutes. Turns out I was there for two hours and it cost me $500. GAH. I needed 4 new tires and a bunch of other stuff. And while I was sitting there waiting? Oddly the only magazines they had to read were Vibe. o.O That was a wacky experience, and I must have looked odd sitting there reading it.

At lunchtime I went grocery shopping. I had been needing to go for two weeks now, so I bought a ton of stuff. I brought it home, sorted what needed to go in the fridge/freezer/neither, then went back to work. Somehow I forgot to put everything in the fridge/freezer and it sat out for five hours. :(

I'm going to blame that brainfart on the fact that I got one single hour of sleep last night. Last summer/fall I complained to the apartment management about the loud air conditioner unit (all of them are on the other side of my bedroom wall, less than a foot from my bed). I was promised it was fixed, but winter came before I could confirm that. (It's not my apartment's unit.) So it was hot yesterday, neighbor turned on their AC, and there went the noise. Kept me up all night. I called the super today. If they don't get it fixed, I'm going to have to move out. I'm not overly attached to this apartment (though I do like the location, it's a nice street), but I hate hate hate moving. (For those in the area, I'm semi-considering mallen's old complex, the one on Lawerence. Wherever I move, having a washer and dryer in the apartment is a must. Washer/dryer, AC, cat_OK are my three must-haves.) I really, really hope I don't have to move. I hate packing so much, not to mention disrupting my life. :/


So anyway, bad RL day = little done on FFXI. All I did was my "daily work" -- guild turn in on FB, chocobo digging, H&C. Nothing else! Or at least no other "work", so since I had free time and was trying to relax, I joined in the weekly LS Eco Warrior run. That was nice, though I'm really feeling slacker-ish. :P Besieged is building now, so all I have to do is sit back and watch TV while I wait for it!
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