April 18th, 2008


And let fire rain down upon their heads! (link)

I've spent way more time on this site than I would have expected to. The site's description is "Universal gravitation field on the various dots using the earth to create a simulation game", though that sounds neither fun nor really interesting. The site's creator is a better coder than writer! :P The idea is simple though: The little white dot in the center of the screen is what the gravity pulls towards. Lay down sand and water, add walls if you like, then toss some meteors at it and see what happens!

It's surprisingly fun and cool to see what sorts of things you can do -- how well you can fight gravity, how beautiful the destruction of your creation can be. :D

Edit: *rolls and dies* This site is so totally amusing. You must read it, because remember: Terrorists are everywhere! Make sure you visit the 'terrorists are everywhere' link, in fact! Because if you don't, you probably are one!
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