April 20th, 2008


FFXI: Yay!

Yay! Gessho: Beaten! A group of LS folks took on ToAU mission #35 (Gessho, yag fight) and we won! It surprised me, since we had an odd party makeup (and one person didn't bring any hi-pots and didn't say anything about that until our final attempt c.c ). WHM, WHM, COR, RDM, MNK, THF. The THF tanked it amazingly well. The fight was going all smoothly, we got him down to around 20% and the screen went black. I went 'Nooooo!' out loud thinking we had ran out of time, heh. Somehow I missed the part about him giving up before dying!

OMG, so much amazing love for the ToAU storyline! I've said it before and I'll say it again: No expansion ever has, or ever will, top ToAU in my heart. It's just too bad there's a Japanese midnight wait before we can watch the rest of the post-fight CSs!

Whenever I upload screenshots, I always like to look at what happened on this day in years past. Two years ago to this very day:

Heh. COR is still my favorite job, by a longshot (no pun intended!). While waiting for folks to gather, I checked out the goblin footprint and watched scenes from the COR job opening quest. Sometimes your current-day armor makes watching past-CSs silly. c.c And then he handed me the die... To prove that I was a corsair... because the AF I'm wearing wouldn't do that? :P Silly Qultata. *pats him*

Odin is so very cool. All text blurred, no spoilers.

In totally unrelated news, earlier this week:

I picked up my Gun of Trials, but I haven't had time to clear it yet. Also, I didn't get my weekly WHM level, and probably won't level it more until we're done with ToAU missions. It's almost insulting: I've done enough campaigns to have 983,120 AN, and I stopped doing campaigns for one week and they want to take my metal away. Screw you past-people. Just screw you.

Lastly, I really, really hope no one GM calls me for Fishingbot's bazaar comment, heehee.
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John Adams: Final Part (no spoilers... if one could spoil history?)

The last of the miniseries is on tonight, and I'm so tempted to stay up and watch it, but instead I have to be good and record it and watch it some other time. I can't believe this is just a miniseries! It's ending way too soon. I hope HBO does another history-based one again.

An interesting thing I learned from one of the earlier parts: The White House was built by slaves. I guess that makes sense, but I had never really thought about it before. One of the "characters", either John Adams or his wife (what an amazingly interesting woman!) had the best line. "How could something good come out of a place built by half-starved slaves?" I couldn't find the exact wording of the quote, but that's the general idea. It really made me think.

While googling to try to get the exact wording of that quote, I found something exciting! Eee! NPR did a 40 minute story on the series and it's online to listen to! Eee! I need to check that out at work tomorrow. :D

I can't wait until it's available for sale/rent and more people watch it. I want to hear what everyone thinks! Amazon says the DVD is due June 10th and the soundtrack is out on this Tuesday. Eee! :D
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