April 22nd, 2008


I'm such a chicken (MUSH, FFXI)

Grrr. It's so hard to start RPing on a new place! "But what if I suck!" "But what if I pose something stupid because I'm new and know nothing!" "What if a call comes in and I have to pause the scene for a long time and the other person gets annoyed?" I'm a stupid chicken-face! A nice guy and I flirted joked around on the public channel, then he asked on the RP channel if anyone wanted to play. I wanted to say yes! But what if I sucked? What if I did something stupid? He asked two different times and both times I made excuses in my head. Bah! Our characters would have been amusing together, too. :/

Tomorrow! Hopefully tomorrow I'll RP! I was logged on most of the day today -- I'm having a hard time keeping myself off the game even when I don't have time to play! I want to play. :/

(I do this on all new games, it's not just this one.)



FFXI: Meh. I've been working on Fishingbot's subcrafts, so his woodworking is still just 75. Alchemy is up to 50-something, bonecraft hit 38 tonight, smithing is in the teens, and some other subcraft is barely started. Gold and cloth are untouched, and both need to go to 60. (Alchemy and bone both need to go into the mid-50s.)

"Unfortunately" most of bonecraft skilling is on arrowheads, so I'm going to have another three-day period of doing nothing but making arrows ahead of me. :/ It's good money, but so very boring.

And can someone answer me this? I hate XPing, especially in random parties, but for some reason I'm getting a strong itching to level BLU in the normal way (not Campaign, I want to actually play the job). How can I both hate XPing and apparently want to XP? My brain makes no sense.

So very bored in FFXI. Surprisingly and amazingly I'm actually looking forward to the next ToAU mission on Sunday (the one with three rooms/phases, second to last fight). Usually I hate missions, but in this case I'm happy to be making progress. Our odd party setup will continue (WHM, WHM, RDM, COR, MNK, THF) so who knows how we'll do, but at least it's something to do (and no XP lost!).

Would you believe the idea of trying Dynamis again keeps poking at me? Seems really silly, since I want no AF2 and so would just lose XP for "nothing" (clearing the zones is something, but I mean nothing I want or need). The first and only time I went was December of 2005 (so long ago!). I got a clear on Sandy then.

Ramble, ramble.
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