April 23rd, 2008


Yay RP! (MUSH)

So I logged on this morning and said to myself "I'll accept the first RP request that comes over +rp! No matter what!" but the first one came from someone who couldn't type at all, so I changed it to the second request. :P And everything turned out well!

I have no idea what I'll do with RP logs. I doubt I'll make a page of them (too much work), and I'm not sure about putting them all on LJ, but for now that'll do.

Thatch, aggressive little horndog that he is, ran into two girls on the beach... Small sample, rest of the log is behind the cut. Lorida is a flower-girl-thing, Raggi is a dragon-girl-thing, Thatch (me) is dog-guy-thing. (No, these are not furries.)

"Yes, um, yes," Lorida stutters, nodding so enthusiastically her uppermost petal bends back sharply with the force. Squeaking, she drops the camera back around her neck and snaps it straight with her hands. It holds for a moment or two, standing upright as it should, before drooping and folding over at the crease again. Her dilemma is cut short, however, as a new one presents itself. Her eyes drop and uncross as something blurry behind the petal begins to approach. It's--it's--oh gosh. The Cherrim-morph shrinks away from Thatch, her glazed smile still present but her pupils small and nervous. "Um, um. H-hi. You, um, want something? A picture?"

The dragon grins and slips back a bit, not necessarily sure what she's looking at in interaction terms, though it seems to be friendly for now at least. Raggi responds where she spoke, anyway, commenting; "Busy, isn't it. None of that hookey stuff? Or whatever that girl said y'were doing." Soon she's got all her hair sorted and that makes her able to breathe a little better. Ah, relaxing. "Oh, is he courting you? Aww, that's romantic." Obviously this girl comes from somewhere sheltered that time forgot to usher along. Or she's being sarcastic?

As he nears Lorida, Thatch adds none-too-subtle sniffing into his checking out of her, taking in her scent. Oh, he doesn't actually thrust his nose against her, but it's quite clear what he's doing. Does he want something? Flower girl's question makes his grin grow, flashing his canine teeth. His ears are pricked forward, eyes bright; 'prey' signals are picked up on. Mmmm. Even once he's close, Thatch doesn't stop walking, instead he lets his steps carry him behind her so he can check out her ass-- eh, check her out from all angles. "How about a picture of you?" he asks, trying to make his voice sound lower, more growly, sexier. Raggi's question stops him in his tracks, shifting his gaze from the flower to the dragon-thing. Courting? His nose wrinkles. Romantic? Blech. His eyes harden as he tries to send a nonverbal order at Raggi: Shoo! Go away!

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Wow, I had forgotten how long it took to edit RP logs. c.c