April 24th, 2008


I need two of me... and a new computer (MUSH/FFXI, RL)

While I got lots of stuff done on FFXI (woodworking 78, alchemy 54), I feel really lonely for not having logged onto the MUSH since leaving work. Not just the lack of RP, but just talking to people OOCly. Tomorrow's going to be a bad day from work for RP, but maybe I'll log in there during the evening and try to get a scene.

I'm about to shoot, kick, or throw my computer out the window. It's making the most amazingly loud, annoying noise. I've used up two whole large cans of air on the fans, and last night I actually opened it up and poked at things (which I never ever do), but that didn't help at all. There are three fans in it, one in that power supply unit thingie and two others, and it seems like the noise isn't coming from the one in the PSU. (My plan last night was to open that up to try to directly clean the fan, but I couldn't get it open and knew you weren't supposed to, so I gave up.)

The noise is totally random. I now turn my computer off at night (UGH) because the noise keeps me awake. When I turn it on in the morning the noise can happen right away, and since the apartment goes down to about 60, it can't be heat-related. I have the side of the case open, and when the noise happens I put my finger on the two exposed fans to stop them from turning, but that doesn't stop the noise (which seems odd, so maybe it is the PSU one? But I put my head almost inside the case and it sounds like it's coming from one of the lower ones). It goes vrrrrVrrrrrVRRRRRRR, a whine that builds higher and higher until it finally stops. Sometimes it takes a couple minutes to stop, sometimes a halfhour. It's driving me insane.
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