April 27th, 2008


Thistles are not for eating! >< (FFXI)

I took a ton of screenshots tonight, but they were all spoiler-y so I can't post most of them!

ToAU Mission #42: Beaten! The second to last ToAU fight! Yay! With our very unorthodox party makeup (WHM, WHM, RDM, COR, THF, MNK) things looked really really bad for the first three tries. There are three different "stages" you have to beat, and we weren't even close to beating the first one. Finally we did one more attempt with our tank (Merton, THF) playing the role of a "real" tank and aggroing all the mobs and kiting them around while we killed the others one by one. The NPC who assists you (not naming, spoiler) messed up our plan once, but even with that we still won!

At first I had thought two different Immortals said these, which made it even more amusing:

Stop wanting to eat me, you evil BLU! Thistles are not for eating! ><

The CSs and storyline are sooooo cool! (Spoiler in image.) And she's all like "You hold those two for a minute, Thistle!" Ha ha, me with my fire staff! Sure thing, I'll hold them! *sweatdrops*

This is from an earlier mission CS. All text blurred, no spoiler. Isn't that fire realistic? And pretty, too!

We have almost two weeks until we're going to try the last battle, which is a good thing as I really need to spend a whole weekend day Campaigning so I don't lose my metal. (Plus I'd like to finally get WHM 70... maybe then the Jungles will stop being aggro!)

In Fishingbot news: He hit woodworking 80 and paused there to make ammo again. 15 hours of ammo making yesterday and another 5 hours today = two-thirds done with what he needs to do. I'd say "Please shoot me!" but with all that ammo on hand someone might take me up on that! I'd also say "I'm never doing this again!" but he still has to skill bonecrafting on scorp arrowheads, so more ammo in our future. :/

In "on this day in history", from two years ago:

Ha ha ha, one of the first Besiegeds I ever caught! Remember how the mobs all used to come in just the one exit, so everyone crowded there to try to get to take a swing at them? Heh!
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