April 29th, 2008


A potpourri of topics!

1) I haven't been following American Idol at all, and I usually find dreadlocks to be ickygross, but man, this Jason Castro guy is really, really hot. This week they're doing Neil Diamond songs, which are pretty darned cool (showing my age, aren't I!). I wish I hadn't missed last week, which apparently was Andrew Lloyd Webber week. They did so many songs I like! And they made me want to watch Jesus Christ Superstar again, it's been way too long.

2) If anyone saw my post this morning, sorry if you were offended. Listening to Bush on the radio makes me so amazingly angry and disgusted, but I shouldn't have posted about it.

3) Okay, I know if something exists, there's porn of it, but... what the heck is this? (Bits are blurred, but I'd still call it NWS. You can tell what's going on.) Who the hell is the target audience of that? Neonazis? As far as I know, they're a very homophobic bunch.

4) FFXI: Fishingbot did cloth 1-21 tonight, which means he's currently skilling on yag fletchings, and so when he's done he can use up the stacks of fang arrowheads he has. That'll be another 7-8 hours of synthing, but at least the money's good.
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