May 3rd, 2008


i made you a post, but it got lated (FFXI, MU* )

I meant to post tonight, but suddenly it got late! So this will be quick.

I've totally and 100% changed my feelings on the WoG expansion. BLECH! After three weeks of not Campaigning, I forced myself to go tonight so I wouldn't lose my metal (since the update is coming, so metals be able to buy better things). It offends me to be forced to do something I don't want to do. And heck, I spent almost six hours tonight doing it! Hating every moment of it!

(My hatred of Campaign could very well come from doing WHM there. 9 bar spells, 15 songs, turn tags in every 6 minutes, get 480 XP. Repeat for levels 36 to halfway through 69.)

I really want to never do Campaign again, but I don't want to lose my metal. :/ As soon as I hit WHM 70, I'm never going on WHM again.

Thanks to Campaigns and ops, I hit a million AN tonight! I kind of forgot to save an image of it alone, but here's half my sig with it: A million and change AN! I was very glad to see it hit a million, instead of rolling over to 000,000. c.c That's the boring half of my sig, this is the somewhat more interesting half. Yeah, I lied and said 70 in it, but that was just me being lazy and not wanting to make two images in Photoshop.


In MUSH (eh, MUX) news, I broke my pattern! No more 'RP once, hang out OOCly a few days, then quit'! Today was day #2 of RPing, yay!

I noticed something really, really odd about Thistle's +finger. "Alignment: Lawful Good". I have never, ever, ever in my whole life played a LG character. They're boring! Bad guys are more interesting than good! I've never played LG and I didn't ever want to! Once I started thinking about it though, I realized that Thistle is pretty much the darned image of LG. c.c (Well, other than his current, um, mental issues. He wanders a bit away from LG at the moment.)

(Yeah, I picked the alignment when I set his +finger, but I really hadn't thought about it much then.)

I also forgot how much characters babble in your head when you RP. For the past many months it's been nice and quiet in my head, now I suddenly have a neurotic guy alternating between wanting (needing) to kill someone and [*spoiler*]. It's very odd! Not to mention noisy!
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