May 6th, 2008


Give me six more years and I'll have northlands access! (FFXI)

Three years ago I got a clear on Dynamis Sandy. Tonight I got a clear on Bastok. I seriously doubt I'll do another Dynamis for three more years. Unfortunately my opinion of it was exactly the same as it had been three years ago: Way too long and boring as all hell. zzzz

Plus sides of the night: Got the clear, yay! Got DRK AF2 feet (embarrassing, since I'm not going back, but a crapton of AF2 dropped including three free lot DRK feet, so...). And the most important of all: I didn't die! Yay! (Pirates are hard to kill~! Eh, other than those ones in that BC.)

I hadn't known so much AF2 could drop in one night. 12 pieces, I think they said? 3 DRK feet, 1 THF body, 1 RDM hands, 3 MNK feet(?), 2 PLD head. Hm, that's ten. Well two more of something else! Oh, one BLM pants too. Oh! Some SMN part was the last one (hands?).

A ton of Wootz Ores dropped too, which lead to one of my issues with the whole event. Seriously, 30 or more of them must have dropped, and each one was worth around 200K. All that money went to one person. (All the one bill things went to him, too.) AF2 is nice and all, but I strongly do not feel that all that money is equal to the chance of PCs maybe getting one AF2 piece. I strongly, strongly, strongly disagree with that, probably more than anything else in all of FFXI. ("So Thistle, don't go on runs like that!" Yeah, I know I know.) If I were to do this on a regular basis, I'd rather see all the money drops sold and used to fund future runs, PCs paying to make up the difference if necessary.


I didn't even try my AF2 DRK feet on, just stuck them on my DRK mannequin. Forgive him for not wearing pants, but he's an elvaan and all~.

This statue thing was really cool. Heck, a lot of the models were cool (other than the ones recycled for Campaign c.c ). I liked all the statue things with glowing eyes. They'd be cool to have in your moghouse! Rattling around and glowing at night.

And lastly, YAY! Fishingbot got his apron today! He and the NPC match rather well. :D His apron brings me up to almost a million and a half guild points turned in (1.49 million). I have no idea what else I'm going to get on him. In theory, he really needs nothing so I could stop now, but... I'll probably get at least his gloves. The woodworking MH item (drawing table) is the coolest of the MH items, so I might get that too. :/

So tired. I didn't even get a lunch break at work, was in almost four hours total of meetings, then four hours of Dynamis. zzzz Never again!
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