May 7th, 2008


America: Welcome to the dark ages (RL)

Excuse my language, but what the god damned fuck, America? A teacher did a magic trick in front of his class, and he was fired for wizardry. Excuse me a moment while I try to find all the pieces of my broken brain. (Link one, link two.)

My fucking god. Wizardry. My god. How in the world do adults... God. I just have no words for this. Reality is reality! You do not get to pick and choose what 'reality' is! Sorry, people, but magic is not real. There is no such thing as 'wizardry'. There are not witches and wizards out there just waiting to snatch up your little children and boil them up to make spells out of them!

What the god damned fuck, people? Dammit, reality is not a Chinese menu! You don't get to pick one from section A and two from section B. "Yes, I'll take a belief in wizardry, but hold the belief in evolution please. And, hm, can I have wonton soup with that? Great, thank you."

&#$&$&&$$~ Grrrrrrrrr.
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Working hard to make myself hate FFXI

I hate fishing. I used to love fishing, but then they went and changed the whole system to stop fishingbots. By the way: Ha ha ha on that. So anyway, I've not fished in years -- I won't willingly do it anymore.

What did I do tonight? After spending my whole evening yesterday doing something I disliked? I fished. For hours. For four hours. My whole evening.

And I didn't get a single thing done.

See, FB is skilling on making mithran fishing rods, which take some expensive stuff to make, so to recover my money I was going to have Thistle break them before selling. I spent four hours fishing in three different zones, bait which would catch only objects/stuff to break the rods, and all I got was mobs and one single pair of rusty leggings. Bah.

High point of the night was flirting (on Kat, my mithra bonecrafting mule) with some HNM LS PLD. He was actually pretty darned sweet and it was a fun way to kill time while we waiting for the fishing guild to open (I needed bait). He kept showing me all his different armor, Salvage/ToAU stuff/that HNM LS ugly stuff. Kat /clapped and /praised him and made other happy noises at him. ("Your hat matches! ^^", "Oh, I like those shoes! ~~<3 ", "That sword is so pretty!" Ha ha, I bet he loved having his sword called pretty!) I wish I could flirt on Thistle, but people take that the wrong way. c.c

So anyway, I'm going to try to sell the fishing poles whole. Hopefully they'll move, as I have eight of them made now. Going to look for a different thing to skill on tomorrow. (FB did hit 83 today though, so yay. Did a little work on gold, too.)

Know what's annoying? I'm already getting sad/worried about what I'll do next once FB is done with wood. Luckily he needs a crapload of subcrafts done, but I'm nearly halfway done with those, too. :/ I only have one starter-city mule and one Jeuno mule left that doesn't have a craft leveled, I am NOT making a new mule just to level a craft on!

Edit: Ah ha, I think the 'ugly armor' I was talking about is Koenig? The body armor the two humes in the front row of this picture are wearing.
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