May 11th, 2008


Assorted FFXI foo

I spent a couple hours soloing SAM in Ronf_S. The beetles were EP--, so the XP per kill wasn't hot, but nonstop killing got me 5K in two hours (plus a stack of beetle jaws, which Fishingbot needs for skilling). Got to SAM 32! The beetles are still EP--, so I suppose I chould get another solo level out of them. Best of all: no idiots! Just an IT++ bones that stalked me every nighttime. c.c

If veloxe weren't a galka, I'd kiss him! I took his idea of fishing in the pond in the Glacier to break my rods, and it worked! It was slow because my fishing level was too low (I'm 62, the fish were 90), but I actually caught a couple, and a couple arrowwood logs, too. c.c Broke two rods! Took maybe four hours, but that was better than my last attempt.

A good thing happened yesterday, but I forgot to post about it:

Got my first elemental ore while chocobo digging! Usually I avoid digging during those moon phases (everywhere's dug out), but this time I tried it and yay! Chaser's going to use it to skill goldsmithing. Between a dug up ore (assuming the synth to bead doesn't fail) plus an ori ring made from ori ores I dug up, it will be a level 74 ring made for totally free!
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