May 14th, 2008


It's hard being an antisocial person playing social game (FFXI)

Alternate title: Why can't I just stab stupid people?

Non-FFXI players: Please excuse all the extra images in this post.

I decided to work on SAM again tonight. The new rings would make it less painful and I really should have it as a sub for DRK. So I put up my flag. Hour later got an invite. Amazingly, the party was okay! A WAR/NIN and I co-tanked, the newbie WHM rocked, and everything was going fine (made 100% more fine by use of the ring!). Drool:

Eventually we moved to GC (ugh, hate that place) and that's when things started to fall apart. The WAR/NIN had to go. The party spread was 30-34 -- the poor newbie WHM was the only 30 one (little guy probably didn't know XP was supposed to be better), and the melees were all 33-34. Leader invited a WAR/THF 30 to tank. I kindly pointed out that that would not work so well. (The bats in GC were kicking our asses as it was.) So he decided to invite his friend:

Being nicer than the situation called for, I explained that I wasn't willing to party with something that gimp, apologized, and disbanded. The entire party argued that I was in the wrong.

Their logic was both stunning and flawless:

('That' being 'gimp'.)

I was tired of looking at the terrible horrible ugliness that was my armor and just gave up for the night. (Go ahead, just flip that flap up! You know you want to~!)

Started at barely a buffer into 32, ended about halfway into 34. Hopefully I can finish it this weekend.
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