May 17th, 2008


Busy, productive, crazy day (FFXI)

Alternate title: My party with the gilseller~!

Last night I stayed online hours late, running my last mule from Jeuno to level to 5 and buy his lottery marbles while I was waiting for new moon/Darkday. It was one of the hardest runs I've done, since he couldn't HP along the way -- until he hit Holla, if he died he'd have to start totally over. But he made it, yay! And new moon/Darkday rocked, I HQ3ed three colored stones (usually I'm lucky to get one per stonecutting run).

I woke up way too early this morning. Decided I supposed I should finish SAM even though I really, really, really didn't want to random party again (but if I didn't do it it would poke me and bug me and annoy me until I got it done). I was seeking before 7 AM PST, which luckily was early enough to get me a JP/NA mix party. 34-37 is a really odd level range to party in, because most people just want 37 so they never have to touch the (sub)job again. The party leader was BLM 36, needed only 1K to level. He didn't care what kind of party he made and it showed.

Through the day we had a BLM puller (ha ha, for serious), a DNC who did not melee (because dancers are useful without TP?), a THF/NIN who promised up and down he had Utsusemi yet never cast shadows -- when I questioned him he admitted he had Uts but had no money for shihei. *holds head* The tank for the whole morning was a typical never-voking NIN. Listen up, NINs of the world: If the only time you ever voke is when the mob rips itself off the SAM because the mages are cure-bombing him to keep him on his feet, one voke is not going to stop that mob from eating the mages' faces. Seriously. Why don't NINs voke every 30 seconds? Luckily I had a good JP WHM keeping me up while I SAM-tanked.

The party was so bad people were leaving and warning other people not to accept invites from us. It was so bad it was funny. (I was basically the only DD at all times, the NIN almost never hit for more than 0 and the various THFs we had didn't melee for this reason or that.) The XP was soooooooo slow. It took me 5 hours to get about 10K XP.

The very best, most amusing thing was near the end of the party. Our rocking JP Galka WHM had to go and replaced himself. He was a really good guy, so I'm going to assume he didn't know the person he invited to replace him was a gilseller. Taru, rank 1, Bastok, been in Mount Z for the last few days. When it arrived the GS was naked of all armor other than an XP band and a underleved staff. It had no Erase of course. No LS either. Mid-name. Hmmmmmm. Welcome to FFXI's newest gameshow: Gilseller or not?

But as I said, it was just so bad it was funny:

Then finally I dinged 37! Done! ...except I decided to be nice and stick with the party until my rep arrived. It would take only one fight, after all, so I didn't want to be rude... And that was almost my undoing. THF pulled, GS WHM died (yet again), tank nearly died, mob was at 75% still. DNC meleed! Got TP! Wonder of wonder kept me on my feet! I slipped on my warp object and hoped that it would cool before I died. THF "DC"ed. Second THF DCed. WHM homepointed and dropped party. I was going to die and lose my level. :(

But I survived! And even though my rep wasn't there yet, I got the hell out of Dodge.

Unfortunately it was still a long day after that. I had to level the mule, do all my daily work (dig, H&C, guild turn-in), skill FB because he was backed up with ram horns (hit WW 86!). Then I ran to Whitegate to do a synth for some guy and noticed a level 8 Besieged advancing, so I said what the hell and stayed for that.

A hint to everyone who reads my LJ: This is NOT how you make a friend of a crafter:

You cannot become a better leathercrafter than me. I'm 100+3+3+moglification. There is nothing higher, no safer crafter to go to on the game. "Threatening" me if I fail will NOT get you into my good graces (and no, that is not a "joke"). If the synth fails, take it up with SE because there is not one single thing I can do to improve my skill. Do not threaten me. *grump*

Besieged was fun because I got to do what everyone loves to do:

Beat on the most annoying general! How embarrassing is it that a wussy BLM beat on me so much better than DRK me beat on him? :P

And lastly, but most importantly! As a reward for making myself finish SAM I indulged in a little retail therapy (I'm such a girl sometimes). I bought a beautiful Crystal Rose for my MH! I had wanted to buy a Mythril Bell as well, but looking at my gil after getting the rose I noticed how close it was to the 'never fall below' line and had to stop with one purchase. Still, it was totally worth it, it's so very pretty! <3

Tomorrow I "should" Campaign, I really should, but I'm probably going to take the day off instead.
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