May 23rd, 2008


California is one big BBQ (RL, TV, FFXI)

I woke up at 4 AM to the smell of bacon, or so I thought. After spending a few moments wondering why my wacky neighbors were making bacon in the middle of the night, I went back to sleep. Woke up couple hours later, the wood-smoked smell was still there. Left my house and all but stepped into a cloud of smoke.

I thought maybe a house in my neighborhood burnt down during the night (even though I heard no firetrucks and I'm a light sleeper), but the smell stuck with me as I drove to work. Smell was just as bad at work, too. Must be the fires down south.

It's surprisingly strong, my eyes have been tearing since I stepped outside and I'm coughing. (This is indoors, with a modern air conditioning system.)

It's making me hungry for BBQ. c.c It's a rather nice smoky smell, just too strong.


TV: It's rare that I get offended by a TV show. There's a hell of a lot of crap on, but I usually just roll my eyes and change the channel when I don't like something. It's hard to do that with promos though. FOX is flooding advertisements for its Moment Of Truth show. I hated it last season, when it was just stupid: hooking people up to lie detectors and asking them embarrassing questions. "Do fat people turn you off?" (when the guy's wife wasn't twig-thin.) "Have you ever been attracted to your wife's mother?" and crap like that. Now, however, the promo they're running goes like this:

Announcer's voice: And this season the questions will be even more stomach-turning!
Host asks the male contestant: Have you ever been attracted to another man?

... WTF? God, could you get any more offensive?

And in TV-ish things: If you haven't watched Dexter yet, go do it! Now! You can find every ep online here: Here! For free! All eps! I finished watching it the day before yesterday, but I want more more more more! It's like the characters are real people and I want to know more about them! Visit with them again! See more of their lives!

How could anyone resist a show like this: A cop trains his adoptive son (a sociopath) not just to kill people, but to get away with it. Yeah, that doesn't sound believable, but it totally is!

I had one small issue with season two, though in no way did it decrease my enjoyment of the series... Collapse )


And last but not least, Fishingbot hit wood 91 last night. No More Ram Horns Ever! Arg! I hate ram horns so much! I needed nearly 300 of them in the last two weeks or so! Arg! Hate rams! Hate them! 91-94 is going to be an easy as heck run of levels, but I have no clue what I'll do from 94-100. The "best" solution might be to get a 40K GP alchemy key item* on Chaser (my goldsmithing mule) so she can make an item needed to upgrade primate staff synths. :/ Iron/steel splitters had been the way to go for woodworking to 100, but they need an adaman ingot so now that's kinda out of the question (since they're a GB upgrade item). Bah.

* The key item is basically useless. It makes nothing of value to sell and costs a ton of GP, so it's not like most alchemists would have it. The other option would be to start an alchemy mule and take it to 100, but I only have two mules left who don't craft and four crafts left that I don't have mules for, so I want to save them for more challenging crafts than alchemy.
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