May 24th, 2008


I'm feeling mighty crafty! And 300 (FFXI, movie)

Busy, busy day today. I wanted to make scorp arrows to use up the scorp arrowheads that FB made while skilling bone. Needed insect fletchings. Had none. Hmm, FB needs to skill his cloth subcraft, insect fletchings are 51... but he was only cloth 20. Bah. So he went from cloth 20 to 51 in a day, and now he's in the process of making 84751750917031057041 scorp arrows. When I sell the scorp arrows I'll recover the money I spent skilling cloth to make the fletchings to make the arrows to sell to recover the money... Crafting: The Circle of Life.

Also, he hit woodworking 94 this morning, yay. Breaksynthing eight-sides poles worked out well. (91 to 94 in one evening and one morning, less than 12 hours total with a night's sleep in between. Amazing!)

I still have no idea what he's going to do for 94-100, but I might force myself to do his gold sub (UGH) first so that he can finally make coffee tables for me.


I'm finally watching this 300 movie. It's on HBO, so it's free, so I figured I'd watch it. I have to say, I've never seen a more painful movie before. I'm glad I didn't see it in a theater, because I seem to be laughing at the wrong parts.

*Some leader from another country questions why the leader's wife keeps butting in, speaking rudely to him*
She replies: "Only Spartan women give birth to real men!"

I'm laughing just thinking about it. Gods. The woman's only value is that she gives birth to "real men"! And they make their seven-year-old boys beat each other up to make them into real men! But of course! How else could men be "real men" if they're not fighting!

I'm seeing this for free and it's still totally not worth the price. When I glance over at the screen the images are interesting to look at, which is the only reason I haven't changed the channel yet. I should turn off the sound and watch it that way, I bet it'd be a whole lot better.
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